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Exotic Wood Types
Exotic Wood offers high quality wood products that are available in a variety of wood species including Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba), Santos Mahogany, Ipe, Cumuru, Purpleheart, Bloodwood, and Kabukalli. The samples below show the approximate color and grain texture for each wood type.
Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)
Strong and very dense. Bright pink to golden red. Darkens with sunlight from red to dark red.
Santos Mahogany
Very dense with various dark pink to reddish brown colors.
The most dense of all the wood types we offer. Very dark brown fine grain. The colors are very consistent.
Brazilian Teak (Cumuru)
Very dense with colors from light to dark brown and straight to wavy grains, not very consistent, yet very attractive.
Solid purple is the natural color of this wood. Very prominent fine grains. Unique and exhibit it own characteristics.
Ponderosa Pine
Ponderosa Pine is one of America’s most abundant tree species. It has straight, uniform grain with minimal amounts of reddish-brown heartwood. The sapwood has wide growth bands, which are honey-toned or straw-like in color.
Poplar grows in the Eastern United States. Colors of Poplar vary from brown to pale yellow to olive green. Over time, the green color will darken with exposure to sunlight and may turn brown. Poplar is medium density hardwood, generally straight-grained with a fine, even texture.
Radiata Pine
Radiata Pine is a plantation-grown wood from Chile, New Zealand and Australia. It has a distinctive grain pattern with a pale cream color. Radiata tends to be harder than other pine species and has fewer knots.
Density or Hardness is generally defined as resistance to indentation, using a modified Janka Hardness Test, measured by the load required to embed an 11.28mm (0.444inch) ball to one- half it's diameter. Values presented are the average of radial and tangential penetrations. In laymen's terms, it is one of the best measures of the ability of a wood species to withstand density and wear. The higher the score, the harder the wood.

In the United States, Red Oak and White Oak are the dominant species for hardwood flooring. Hard Maple is widely used for commercial applications. Purpleheart, Ipe, Cumuru, Jatoba, Santos Mahogany, and Bloodwood are our chosen species for import to the United States, and they far exceed the hardness characteristics of Red Oak, White Oak and even hard Maple.

Listed below are some hardness comparisons of imported and domestic hardwoods.
Janks Rating at a glance
Hardwood Name Hardness / Density
North American Cherry 950
North American Walnut 1010
Carbonize Bamboo 1120
True Teak 1155
Yellow Birch 1260
Red Oak 1260
Beech 1300
Amendoim 1340
Australian Cypress 1375
Royal Mahogany 1400
Carribean Walnut 1400
Natural Bamboo 1410
North American Maple 1450
Brazilian Maple 1500
Timborana 1570
Kempas 1710
African Padauk 1725
Doussie 1770
Hickory 1820
Pecan 1820
Merbau 1925
Tigerwood 2160
Santos Mahogany 2200
Caribbean Rosewood 2300
Southern Chestnut 2670
Tiete Roseewood 2800
Brazilian Cherry 2820
Brazilian Teak 3540
Tiete Chestnut 3540
Bazilian Walnut 3680
Clearly our imported hardwoods are the best choices for lifetime flooring, doors, and trims.
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